About Me

Hello my name is Natalia Burgos , i decide to create a blog about fashion and beauty because, its been a dream of mine to share with you guys insights about beauty & fashion. I was born in New York City and have a degree in Business Management Administration. In the near future i aspire to own a online fashion boutique company and develop a makeup line. In my spare time I love traveling with my Husband and cooking. I hope you truly enjoy this page, God bless you 🙂DSC_2179DSC_2183

Curly Hair Care

Hello/Hola Everyone! This is my first product review, and i’m very excited to share this product with you.  After trying several hair products i decided to try the Shea Moisture coconut & Hibiscus Curl enhancing smoothie. once i started using this product i noticed that my hair did not feel dry, after combing my hair a couple a days after my hair still felt moist. I have very thin hair, as a result I’ve been trying to find the right product that will allow my hair to feel alive and well. I recommend  this product because it makes my hair feel healthy and with a lot of volume. Give it a try and tell me what you think. Chao 🙂DSC_2196